The Three Lelicas Celebrate the Holidays With Holly Jolly Holiday Album

Photo courtesy of The Three Lelicas


By Steve Sears

The Three Lelicas of Hackettstown released their first Christmas EP prior to the holiday season in 2020, and its sound is just as joyous in 2021. 

The offering, aptly titled Holly Jolly Holiday, features seven delightful favorites of the season, including “Santa Claus Is Coming to Town” and “White Christmas.” “We barely got the music out on time for Christmas last year, so it was maybe a few days before Christmas,” says Lelica Palecco, head of The Three Lelicas. “We were pushing, and we were really at the mercy of iTunes at that point. And it finally went up like a couple days before Christmas.”

The trio is made up of Palecco, the lead vocalist who lives in Long Valley; Hackettstown jazz guitarist, B.D. Lenz; and Nazareth, Pennsylvania resident, Kevin Soffera, a drummer and percussionist. Lenz and Palecco have been playing together for thirteen years, and The Three Lelicas have been together for eight years. “We normally do a lot of bars and restaurants and private events,” says Palecco. “We do a lot of cover songs, but we also have our own original music. The covers that we do, we actually do a lot of Motown funk. So, it’s a lot of old kind of soul jazz, kind of jazzy like pop renditions.”

Holly Jolly Holiday has long been in thought. “We’ve been saying for years that we wanted to put out some Christmas music,” says Palecco. “We’d (Polecco and Lenz) been playing in New York City, and we’d do a week-long gig where there’s a bunch of different high rise apartment buildings, apartment complexes, and they’d hire us to come in once every night of the week into each of their different apartment complexes in the lobbies, and we’d play for three hours. We’ve been doing that for close to ten years now together – me and B.D. – and with Kevin over the last few years. And we always learn a lot of new Christmas music, and we play some Christmas music on the fly when we’re there. So, we decided we’ve been doing that for so many years that we wanted to really record some of our favorites and that’s kind of how that started.”

Palecco also has been working on her own EP with both Lenz and Soffera at the latter’s Hybrid Studios in Pennsylvania. It’s her first since 2011. “I haven’t done anything with my original music since then,” she says. “I’ve been writing, and we’ve been playing my originals out, all around New Jersey and at different shows, but I just hadn’t really gotten into the studio. I have three kids under the age of five, so that’s kind of been my main focus and priority. But, we’re happy, we’re excited, to get some more music out there next year. We’ve decided to add two more songs, and we may release a single shortly.”

You can listen to and purchase Holly Jolly Holiday on Amazon, iTunes, and Spotify. For more information about The Three Lelicas, visit


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