By Richard Mabey Jr.

I have the honor and pleasure of knowing Pamela Reynolds Ross, since the first grade. For the most part, we were in each other’s classes all through grade school. We were very good friends. We stayed friends all through high school, but in attending a regional high school, sadly we lost a bit of the close friendship that we shared in grade school. Truly, Pamela is one of the kindest individuals whom I have ever known in my entire life.

Pamela has been working very hard, for several decades, to find her biological daughter, whom Pamela gave up for adoption when she was only 17 years old. This was back in 1971. It was a different time then, a different culture. Nobly, Pamela signed adoption papers, thinking that would be best for her baby daughter.

As the ink hit the paper, on the adoption papers, Pamela was truly alone. She was offered no legal counsel at all. She was offered no psychological counseling at all. The powers that be assured Pamela that she was doing the right thing. That giving up her baby daughter was for the best for her little daughter.

In a room, the size of a closet, Pamela signed the adoption papers. Then, in a matter of seconds, her precious baby was whisked away from her, never to be seen by Pamela ever again.

The biological father of Pamela’s beloved baby girl was a 24 year old Vietnam Veteran, whom Pamela had fallen deeply in love with. Dreams of marriage, a cottage, a white picket fence, were shattered, when the love of Pamela’s life, left her and shirked his responsibilities to help Pamela raise her beloved baby girl. Sadly, Pamela’s boyfriend at the time, suffered from a serious case of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.


Fast forward to the present time. Pamela simply wants her biological daughter to have the option to have the opportunity to meet her, if she wants. Pamela’s daughter is now 48 years old and would be capable of making that decision on her own. In Pamela’s own words, here is her perspective in a nutshell.


The whole point is this:  I’m not trying to replace the adoption family or win custody.  I never wanted to put my daughter through a tug-a-war. I simply would love to know she is well.  Importantly, she should have her vital health history.  I’ve asked if someone would kindly contact
her and let her know our contact information.  At the age of 48, she can choose what she wants to do with that information.”

So without further ado, here are the essential clues to the identity of Pamela’s biological daughter, whom Pamela relinquished for adoption back in 1971:

Pamela gave birth to her baby girl on January 18th of 1971, at Chilton Hospital in Pompton Plains, New Jersey. The adoptive father was an accountant. The adoptive mother was a registered nurse. The couple had a six year old son, at the time they adopted Pamela’s baby girl. Sadly, Pamela has not been able to find a court or agency that will attempt to contact the woman who Pamela gave birth to and relinquished for adoption.


The adoption process took place on November 16th of 1971 at the Morris County Courthouse in Morristown, New Jersey. The Adoption Agency, Department of Children and Families, was also located in Morristown. The adoptive couple were both of the Roman Catholic faith.  From all indications, it appears that this couple lived in Morris County in 1971.


Sadly, these are the only clues that Pamela has, in her search to locate her biological daughter. Pamela is now 66 years old. Her biological daughter, whom she gave up for adoption, is now 48 years old. Pamela is more determined than ever to find her daughter. Pamela is emotionally prepared, if her biological daughter does not want to talk to her or see her. But for Pamela, she just longs to know if her daughter is healthy, safe and sound.


If any of these clues ring a bell for you, please do contact Pamela. Her email address is: Regardless of how far reaching it may seem, if you know anyone for whom these few clues fit, please do contact Pamela. It would mean so very much to Pamela.  


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