Traditional Okinawan Karate:  A Teacher’s Perspective

By Christopher Miller, Head Instructor of Traditional Okinawan Karate, Butler NJ, 5th Degree Black Belt.


I would like to share with you one of my favorite karate related stories from over the summer.  For the sake of my student’s privacy, we will call her Jane. Jane is a 7 year old orange belt student of Traditional Okinawan Karate.  Jane was playing in the park on a nice sunny day at the end of June. Jane came down the slide and stopped at the end. A boy, who was a known bully in the park, was waiting at the bottom of the slide.  The boy pulled Jane’s leg and Jane landed flat on her back off the slide. Jane’s mom saw this confrontation and hurried towards the slide, but she was about 50 ft away. According to Jane’s mom, her daughter stood up dusted herself off and punched the boy, who then landed square on his butt.  As the mom arrived at the slide, the boy was whimpering away crying to his parents (the boy’s parents later apologized for the incident). The mom looked down at her daughter and asked if she was ok. Jane said “yes” and to the mom’s surprise went back up the slide.

As Jane’s Martial Arts Teacher, I was beaming with pride as I heard this story.  I let the mom recount the story to the entire class and Jane got a standing ovation from the students and the parents.  

Privately, Jane’s mom and dad expressed how pleased they were with Jane.  As a parent, we wish we could always be close by when trouble comes to our child.  But the truth is, it is our job to train our children when trouble comes their way.  As a teacher, I feel this is a big part of my job.

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