Truck maintenance is a growing career opportunity

21524288_original(BPT) – One career field that requires great hands-on training, provides on-the-job instruction and is growing steadily is that of a diesel truck mechanic. It’s a specialty job, and it’s a career that a person can easily advance with for many years.

With the transportation industry seeing increased business opportunities, more trucks are needed to deliver products from manufacturers to warehouses and from warehouses to stores across the country. These trucks will need ongoing maintenance to ensure they stay up and running.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that diesel truck mechanics can earn a competitive wage, and that the industry will have an additional 21,600 job openings.

Truck mechanics can service trucks for everything from a regular oil change to a complete overhaul of the engine. They need to know how to use diagnostic equipment and be familiar with both the mechanical and technical aspects of maintaining a diesel engine.

“Our diesel employers tell us they can’t find enough skilled technicians to meet their current needs, much less expand their operations,” says Jerry Rutter, vice president of employment and solutions at Universal Technical Institute. “Training to be a diesel technician is a smart career choice. Employers are competing with impressive compensation and recruitment packages to hire diesel technicians with the skills they need.”

Penske Truck Leasing is currently growing its maintenance team, and applicants are needed to fill roles as fleet maintenance supervisors, technicians, service coordinators and fuelers/washers. The company has over 221,000 vehicles in its North American fleet.

According to Jennifer Sockel, Penske Truck Leasing senior vice president of human resources, “Penske is experiencing strong growth in 2015 and we are actively hiring diesel engine technicians and maintenance managers across North America.”

To apply, visit Penske is a National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence (ASE) certified provider and offers at least 40 hours of state-of-the-art training each year on a variety of equipment, so you can further your career while on the job.

For a career that is going to continue to grow and remain very secure, consider pursuing a job as a diesel truck mechanic. At Penske, you’ll have the opportunity to learn about every kind of diesel truck on the road, enhance your technical knowledge and choose where in the country you want to work.

If you’re in high school or considering a career change, look into what a career in diesel truck maintenance could do for you.

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