Tryon Gas: A Totowa Icon

Anyone living in Totowa in the 1950s through the early part of the 1980s knew where to buy off-brand good cheap gas. Angelo Scavone was out there pumping every day, rain or shine, winter, spring, summer and fall. Located at 199 Union Boulevard, Totowans were treated to the slogan “Drive on with Tryon”, the only writing on the small one-bay garage. Seen here in this photo when Angelo and his wife, Sadie Scavone, closed up shop, we all remember the three tanks, the quick in and out and the prices – 33 cents a gallon of regular when I started driving in 1973. It may have gone as high as 55 cents a gallon during the “gas crisis” of the late seventies when cars lined up and down Union Boulevard bearing even numbered plates on even numbered days and odd numbered plates on the odd days. If it were not Angelo out there giving you a big, friendly hello to all of the customers who knew by Mr. This and Mrs. That, always respectful and patient. Angelo and his wife lived right next door at 199 Union Boulevard. In 1962, he bought his wife a beautiful gold on gold on gold Eldorado Biarritz Convertible which he treasured. I think I was eight years old when I started asking him to sell it to me when I turned 17. In fact, I had to wait until I was 44 when Angelo passed away and Mrs. Scavone invited me to come take a look and make her an offer. I did not exactly drive the car home – it needed a lot of love and attention, but it was finally in my garage with a lot of love and respect for that special present Angelo bought his love, Sadie, 38 years before. 


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