Two Local Dentists Held Free Dental Seminar

Drs. Goldberg & Upadya are extremely passionate about what they do, which is deliver exceptional dental care to their communities. In fact, they enjoy it so much that they recently held two free seminars to help educate anyone who wanted to listen regarding dental implants and why teeth really break.

“Although a tooth might fracture from biting something hard, what people don’t realize is that imbalances in your bite can cause fractures, too,” said Upadya. “Think about a car tire that is a little out of balance. Not only can it cause that tire to wear faster, but it can cause the other tires to wear, too. Teeth are similar to that.”

Goldberg said, “Unfortunately, when teeth fracture the next step might be its removal and replacement by an implant. The audiences had great questions about not only single tooth implants, but also multiple implants and even full jaw replacement. We had a number of questions regarding All-On-Four.”

Both doctors were in agreement that they see a number of patients who come to their offices not even aware of the many options that are available to them. Esthetic Dental Care and Morris County Dental Associates wanted to reach out to the community and offer educational information by hosting these free seminars.

Topics covered by Goldberg also included denture stabilization, mini-implants, bone grafting, fees and insurance, as well as financing options. Upadya discussed how early treatment of small problems can save a mouth full of dentistry, why teeth are sensitive, and why some root canals, bridges, braces, and implants don’t work.

Both doctors are graduates of the entire curriculum of the prestigious Dawson Academy. Upadya continued to become a senior faculty member of the Academy, and Goldberg has advanced to become one of the areas leading implant experts. Their passion for exceptional dentistry is why they work so well together, bringing long-lasting esthetics and function to their family of patients. Reach out to them for a private one-on-one consultation. They can be reached at Esthetic Dental Care in Florham Park at 973-241-5169 or www.; or at Morris County Dental Associates in Succasunna at 973-328-1225 or

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