Utah Missionary Finds New Home in Livingston

By Evan Wechman


On any given day, residents of Livingston may hear a knock on their door from Sister Jade Crosby. She is a native of Utah and a full-time missionary for The Church of Latter-Day Saints.  Only twenty years old, Crosby has known since she was a child, she was called upon to help others. About eighteen months ago, she put in a request at her church in Utah to complete a yearlong service as a missionary wherever she was needed. To the benefit of Livingston and the nearby areas, she was assigned by her church to come here to New Jersey. 

“I have always been influenced by my parents. They are very service oriented and have always been a huge influence on me,” says Crosby.

 Crosby is motivated to help people in whatever areas of their life they need assistance. She states one of her main motives is to help people have a deeper relationship with their God. Though many outsiders may think this is only about helping people of the same faith, this is not accurate. 

Crosby helps people in Livingston with anything she could be of service to. Whether it is helping an elderly couple rake leaves off their lawn or helping set up their cable television, she is dedicated to helping others. “I have found a lot of joy in helping people in the community,” says Crosby. 

Though walking door to door greeting strangers can be full of rejection, she credits her deep faith in not letting a negative encounter break her spirit. “Most people will allow us to share a message and usually we will fulfill a need to strengthen their relationship with Jesus Christ.”

 Even if a Livingston resident is of a different religion, Crosby always greets people with love and understanding. She is open to speaking with others of all faiths, and seeing if she could assist in any way possible.

 Crosby recalls the numerous positive encounters she has had with people of all religions, including the occasions she has broken bread with Rabbis and other religious leaders.

 She even offers tutoring services in many different academic subjects to both students and adults and has a special interest in helping people trace their family trees. These services are all provided free to the community.

 In addition, Crosby has traveled throughout the state volunteering at numerous food pantries. Locally, she has volunteered at Grace Food Pantry in Summit, New Jersey.

 The young missionary will return to her home state shortly to study Nursing at Utah Valley University in the fall. Crosby has a strong passion for healthcare and has used her skills as a certified nursing assistant to benefit the area as well. She sees nursing as a natural fit to help those who are ill. 

She hopes to return to Livingston soon to volunteer in any way she can. According to Crosby, “I am so grateful for my service as a missionary, and all the wonderful people I have met through my service.”

She adds “the people here are some of the kindest souls that I’ve met.  The interactions I’ve had with the residents of Livingston I will cherish forever.  It’s truly a beautiful community.” Crosby also hopes to show her family one-day beautiful downtown Livingston as well as the nearby shore towns and New York City. “I want to show them where a little piece of my heart has been.”

She will return to her home church in Utah but will follow what is happening in New Jersey. She realizes if a need here arises, she will do what is necessary to add a hand. “My passion is caring for others,” she humbly says.

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