Vaping Risks, Communication Discussed In Hopatcong

Hopatcong residents got a lesson in communicating with their children about vaping during a Knowledge is Power program May 22 at Hopatcong High School.

Both the school student portion and the adult evening portion were funded by the Hopatcong Municipal Alliance,  which included Alliance program coordination efforts led by Councilman John Young and June Simpkins-Seal.  Parents and concerned adult community members got to listen to facts and statistics on the new nicotine addiction that is happening from vaping.  Included in the discussion was awareness of the other toxic ingredients found in vaping devices.  Also presented was how this big business industry is furtively targeting youth with trendy social media memes and advertising marketing campaigns that has mass appeal to teens.  The library audience was shown all the different vaping devices. Some were disguised to look like computer flash drives.  

 The speakers were from Clinicians for the Cause – Donna O’Connor and Lee Ann O’Leary – master level clinical psychotherapists in the field of addiction and mental health.

The other purpose of their adult-level presentation was to suggest some effective communication techniques that can make it easier for parents to engage their children in these important conversations.  

New Jersey is one of only three states in the nation that prohibits the sale of vaping items to a person under 21.

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