Verona Residents Cooperate With New Recycling Program

At the beginning of the year, a new recycling policy allowed Verona residents to recycle cardboard, such as shipping boxes, and “chipboard,” from pizza, cake, and cereal boxes, along with mixed paper, such as newspaper, junk mail, and magazines, to be picked up at the curbside.

In the past, this wasn’t allowed. The reason being was that cardboard, as well as chipboard, was more costly to the town because those items fill the garbage trucks pretty quickly. And getting Verona residents to bring those items to the Recycling Center and in the correct marked boxes was a challenge.

But allowing those items to be placed out on the curb on recycling days is making a difference. According to Jim Helb, Verona Township Engineer, this new policy is working out “pretty well.” Though they’ve had a few calls as to what to do with soiled pizza boxes, which can’t be recycled.

Helb said, “They just got the recycling schedule. That [the schedule] explains it further; so as time goes on they’ll feel more comfortable [with the schedule].”

The township of Verona is also changing recycling procedures for electronics, such as television sets and computers, which have been illegal to put on the curb since 2009. Instead the Township allowed residents to put electronic devices along the fence at the Recycling Center during days/times the center was open. That is no longer acceptable. Instead, there are four set periods during the year for electronics recycling. The items can be brought to the Public Works Garage which is around the corner from the Recycling Center. The first quarterly pick up, which was on Jan. 15 and 16, went very well, according to Helb.

He said, “Most residents were very cooperative,” adding that four quarterly pick-ups per year is “pretty generous.”

Electronic waste will also be accepted on April 15 and 16, July 15 and 16, and Oct. 14 and 15.

The new changes can appear to be overwhelming, but there’s an easy way to handle it – putting a free app called Remyndr on your smartphone. The app was developed by Verona resident Tom Cherry and two of his tech friends, to help residents remember recycling pick-up dates.

Remyndr notifications tell residents the pick-up type, what to include, and what to avoid. Android and iPhone versions are available. Simply type in the home address and Remyndr automatically connects to the pickup schedule. If things change, due to a snowstorm, those on the affected route will be alerted. To find the app, visit

Helb hasn’t been on the site, but he did confirm that the app is helpful. He said the new program is “less expensive and environmentally friendly.”

Verona residents who haven’t received the new recycling brochure are welcome to call the recycling office to obtain one. Or the brochure can be downloaded from

For more information, call Public Works at 973-857-4804 or visit

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