Ending June 30, the Livingston Veterans of Foreign Wars Post 2856 and the Auxiliary hosted over 60 events: visiting Veterans Hospitals, attending ceremonies, and teaching in schools.   Also, involved in these many activities were the American Legion Post 201 and Jewish War Veterans Post 740.   

     As members of our Veterans Organizations, we are motivated and inspired by our meaningful mission of promoting Patriotism and helping fellow veterans in need. 

     The VFW went to Lyons Veterans Hospital to give out coffee and donuts each month; the Auxiliary also went monthly to play Bingo and to give out pizza and prizes.  Four times over the year, the Auxiliary (Vinnie Wolfe and Toni Bucca) made dinner for the East Orange Veterans Hospital patients at our post.  

     The veterans went to six grammar schools to talk to the students.  At LHS, a “Silent Service” ceremony to honor Livingston’s War Dead was performed.  The same ceremony was performed at the Livingston Old Guard.  

Four Vietnam classes were taught at West Orange High School. 

     Other activities included doing six ceremonies (Veteran’s Day and Memorial Day) at the local Nursing Homes. 

     Ceremonies during the year include the following:  Flag Day, Independence Day, Patriot’s Day, Loyalty Day, Memorial Day, Veteran’s Day, Vietnam Day, and Pearl Harbor Day and Four Chaplain’s Day (2).   On Memorial Day weekend the veterans went to two churches (Presbyterian Church and St. Raphael’s Church). On Veteran’s Day weekend we have a service at Temple Beth Shalom.  There was a Veteran’s Day luncheon and ceremony at LSYC.

     Since 1950, after our Memorial Day Ceremony at the War Memorial Park, we have our Parade.

     Finally in the last nine months we have been assisting West Orange Armory families who have someone deployed to the Middle East.

                                                                         Brian Boyle

                                                                         VFW and

                                                                         American Legion


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