West Caldwell Pools Slated For Upgrades

By Anastasia Marchese

West Caldwell has two pools which its residents can use to cool down this summer, the Cedar Street pool and the Westville Avenue pool.

Both pools are aging having been built about 60 and 50 years ago respectively. Town officials knew that repairs would be on the horizon soon, so at the May 3 town council meeting, a $90,000 bond  issue was proposed to fund the needed repairs and modernization.

Each year a contractor comes in to repaint the pools and make necessary repairs, but this year it was clear that more extensive work needs to be done.

Some of the proposed work is repairs to the snack bar and a proposed water slide at the Westville Avenue Pool. The exact nature of the work and repairs to be done has not yet been made clear, but pool members and area residents can expect to see improvements coming soon.

The pools fall under the auspices of the West Caldwell Recreation Department which is offering an array of interesting summer programs this year.

At The Westville Pool, beginner swim lessons will be available in three sessions; June 27-July 8; July 11- July 22; and July 25-Aug. 5. The fee for pool members is $35 and $70 for non-pool members. Children who will be entering kindergarten through sixth grade are able to enroll if they live in Caldwell or West Caldwell. Pool members from Roseland are also able to enroll.

Adults can sign up for aquatics classes that will be held at the Cedar Street Pool starting July 7-Aug. 16. Fees for the session are $30 for pool members; $65 for Caldwell and West Caldwell residents who are not pool members; and $70 for out of town participants. Classes take place from 10:15 a.m.-11:15 a.m. on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

Swim team will also be held at the Cedar Street pool. The first sign up deadline has passed, so a $20 fee will be added to register, but it is still a great opportunity for children who enjoy a competitive edge to their summer swimming.

The Recreation Department also offers a variety of other summer programs: Basketball Camp, Tot Lot for four and five year olds), playground playgroups, tennis, a fun “get ready for kindergarten” camp, and a math fun camp. All the detail and registration forms can be found online, printed out and mailed in or dropped off at the Recreation office.

Or those who want to take advantage of the two town pools, membership forms are also found online. For those living in West Caldwell the fees are $445 for a family membership; $385 for a couples membership; $265 for a single membership, 12 years and older. Senior memberships are $115 for a single membership and $210 for a couple. For seasonal residents and or sitter memberships it is $175. For those apt to lose things, a replacement ID card is $20.

Memberships are also available for Caldwell, Roseland and Essex Fells residents with the fees being somewhat higher. The family memberships at $535; couples $470; single $335; senior $185; senior couple $315; and a seasonal resident/sitter membership $220.

The pool operates without the use of tax dollars; it is the membership fees that keep the pool open, staffed, and maintained.

To sign up for any of the programs or memberships, go to www.westcaldwell.com.

Photos From West Caldwell website

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