West Morris Central graduate and singer releases his first single

By Steve Sears

In the video of Jarrett Smith singing his first ever released single, “Learning How,” in the background is the Delaware River, the Ben Franklin Bridge, and a part of New Jersey’s Camden County. 

As he sings at Penn Treaty Park, his arms are often widespread, seemingly gathering the “City of Brotherly Love” into his arms.

“Many, many months in the making,” Smith says of “Learning How.” “I typically do a lot of my writing after 11:00 p.m. doodling around on the piano and decided to just hit ‘RECORD” on my computer. I got most of the ending section – a rough sketch of the ‘I’m learning how’ lines – from there. It was a few weeks later that I got time to really sit down and think through the song. But the ending section kind of inspired the rest of the song. That was immediate, like the words just flowed right out.”

Released on March 21 via You Tube, “Learning How” can be heard on all streaming platforms such as Apple, Amazon, and Spotify, and is available for purchase on Bandcamp.

Smith, who studied vocal performance at Penn State University, credits Andy Schmid for helping bring the “Learning How” video to life.

Smith said, “Andy is someone I have known since my college years. My best friend growing up, who was in many bands with me, is his college roommate. They both majored in communications with a specialization in videography and television work. I had reached out to him because I know that he does videography for commercials and things like that, and asked him, ‘Would you make a music video?’ This was actually the first music video he ever made – and what an incredible job he did!”

Smith, 33, who says his parents, Edwin and Laureen, are his biggest advocates, and his sister, Ashley, also provides great support, originally hails from Long Valley, and he is a West Morris Central High School graduate who learned under the tutelage of the beloved Dr. Vincent Rufino.

Smith said, “He (Rufino) was an incredible choral teacher. One of his strengths is not only creating an incredible choral experience in the classroom, but he really encouraged us to go on and achieve to the best of our ability. He encouraged us not only to take advantage of opportunities, but also to just perform at such a high level.”

Smith, who made an unsuccessful run for political office in 2023, called the experience a blessing in disguise. He said, “It really gave me a chance to I think, and much like the song says, learn how to reaffirm my love for music. I have been able to really pour myself out creatively over the past seven months, and once the stream started, it turned into a river.”

Smith, who also this past Christmas season “presented a gift” to listeners on You Tube with his beautiful holiday song, “I’ll Be There,” has other songs he is working on, and he hopes to do live performances this spring. For more information, visit www.instagram.com/jarrettbsmith/ or https://linktr.ee/jarrettsmithmusic.


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