Whippany Park Class Of 2022 Starts Fundraising Early For Project Graduation

Whippany Park High School is one of many schools across the nation where parents and students are working together to plan a supervised, substance-free all-night graduation celebration.
The Class of 2022 is getting an early start for Project Graduation to raise money by conducting a  FootballMania  fundraiser.
Project Graduation (PG) is a nationally recognized program started by MADD (Mothers Against Drunk Driving) to provide a celebration for the graduating class on the night of their commencement ceremony, in a safe, drug and alcohol-free environment. The cost on average is about $250 per student to attend this event.
FootballMania is an exciting sweepstakes fundraiser based on professional football. Each CharityMania ticket is sold for $20. Sweepstakes participants can win $1,000s in prize money based on the results of the football teams printed on the backs of their sweepstakes game cards.
Game cards contain three random teams in each of the 17 weeks of the professional football season. For $20, participants get music downloads at www.charitystudio.com and an exciting, complimentary FootballMania sweepstakes game card! Follow the links below to make a contribution and enter the sweepstakes. Have the chance to win $1,000s in prize money! Read below for more information about FootballMania, how to win big, and the CharityStudio music
To play the game, participants simply add up the points scored by the three teams printed on their cards in a given week. Each week, the 15 highest scoring cards, and the three lowest scoring cards, win prizes! The calculations are done by the company with the winning information sent to the coordinator to distribute the winnings!
Don’t miss out on this great sweepstakes! Go to http://www.charitymania.com/give/A80C2 to
purchase tickets online or send an email to projectgraduation2022@gmail.com to get a hardcopy ticket. The deadline to contribute is Sept. 6.

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