Winners of the JEI Olympiad

On March 9, 2019, JEI Learning Centers hosted its annual National Math Olympiad in East Brunswick, New Jersey. JEI Livingston entered 34 students in the competition out of a total of 791 students across the country, and we’re thrilled to congratulate our four winners! At the 8th grade level, Jack Xu (Mendham, NJ) came in First Place. Kevin Ha (Livingston) and Ryan Zhu (Livingston) both took home Second Place for the 7th and 5th grade levels, respectively. Connor Li (Livingston) received an Award of Merit for the 3rd grade level.

Open to JEI students in grades 1 through 8, the national competition puts the students’ problem-solving skills to the test by giving them 50 minutes to answer 30 questions. Speed and accuracy were key to scoring the maximum points possible. The top three students in each grade received cash prizes of $250, $150, and $100. The grand prize winner, the student who scored the highest overall regardless of grade, received a $1000 scholarship and an iPad.

JEI Livingston is proud of all of its students who worked tirelessly to improve their math skills and embraced the challenge of the National Math Olympiad. Congratulations again to our four winners! To learn more about JEI Math, visit us at 97A S. Livingston Ave, Livingston.

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