By Lori Kelly

Professor in Residence

William Paterson University

Passaic Valley and William Paterson University are committed to a partnership in the Professional Development Schools Network. Here is a little something about what we do…

“Professional Development Schools (PDS) are innovative institutions formed through partnerships between University professional education programs and P-12 schools.  Their mission is professional preparation of candidates, faculty development, inquiry directed at improvement of practice and enhanced student learning.” National Council for the Accreditation of Teacher Education, PDS Standards. 

Some of the benefits of being a PDS schools are:

  • Stronger sense of professional community – When teachers have a strong sense of professional community their morale is better and teacher commitment is higher.  Teachers collaborate more with each other and administrators.
  • School based professional development – PDS relationships help support innovative teaching practices and help teacher development as school leaders.
  •  Reflective Practice – PDS often encourage thoughtful inquiry into teaching and learning and which fosters a reflective teaching process.
  • New Leadership Opportunities – Opportunities for teachers and administrators to serve as adjunct faculty and take on new leadership roles.
  • Professional Development Schools are by design an environment that combines the best theory, research and practice by fostering a collaborative community of learners!

William Paterson offers the teachers at the opportunity to attend free workshops on a diverse series of topics throughout the year, as well as a heads up to special certifications. As part of the PDS grant, the school is awarded $1000 professional development money that will be used this year to defray the cost of a consultant for a series of teacher professional development on the topic of Embracing Diversity in a School Setting.  There is an on-site Professor in Residence (PIR) once a week at the school to work with teachers and administrators. As a (PIR) this year I will be working with the special education supervisor on social and emotional learning, the CTE department, and teacher professional development.

These are challenging times and William Paterson University has valuable resources to help you through this crisis. Please visit our website www.wpunj.edu. Check out our WPU Presents for our virtual arts program and Distinguished Lecture Series.

WPU, their greatest strength is helping you find yours.

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