The Lakeland Hills Family YMCA may have its physical location on Fanny Road in Mountain Lakes, but its reach extends far beyond the property. The Y partners with numerous organizations throughout the year to fulfill the requests of food, clothing, school supplies, Christmas presents, and much more. The Y works with multiple nonprofits to secure donations, which have increased because of the COVID-19 Pandemic. The Y’s response, now more than ever, is to provide vital services for individuals and families and continue to be more than “just a gym”. 

Ys are not bars or restaurants; they are more than just a gym. 

  • YMCAs are not the same as bars and restaurants and are so much more than just a gym.
    We provide vital child development, health and well-being and social responsibility programs to 

help strengthen the many communities we serve.
We are able to operate with strict safety guidelines in place, including mask wearing, social 

distancing and staggered operating hours to control crowds. 

Ys are providing critical services in communities. 

  • Unlike other public businesses, the Y supports the critical physical and mental well-being needs of our communities. 
  • When COVID-19 shut down our Y, we immediately pivoted to offering childcare to first responders, essential workers, and individuals needing to work from home, food to families in need, and outreach to seniors facing social isolation. 
  • YMCAs, along with other nonprofits, operate on very slim margins. If our exercise facilities are forced to close again, we will lose the revenue that allows us to provide vital community services, and we will be unable to support our communities when they need it most. 

We have taken extraordinary health and safety precautions. 

  • We were on the forefront of implementing CDC peer-reviewed health and safety guidelines in our facilities, which allowed us to provide childcare safely. 
  • Included in these measures was the purchase of thousands of dollars’ worth of new cleaning and disinfecting equipment and the availability of hand sanitizer at all touch points around our facilities. 
  • As the pandemic stretched on and clearance was given to open, we were well-prepared to do so, using many of the same CDC peer-reviewed guidelines, as well as others. 
  • Our additional health and safety measures include the following: 
    • –  Health screenings for staff, volunteers, members and program participants upon entry 
    • –  Requiring masks to be worn at all times 
    • –  Offering hand sanitizer and other sanitization equipment throughout the facility 
    • –  Improved air filtration systems 
    • –  Established traffic patterns throughout the facility 
    • –  Reorganization of exercise equipment and, in some cases, removal of it from our wellness floors 
    • –  Limiting group exercise class sizes 
    • –  Limiting the number of people allowed in the wellness center 
    • –  Scheduling programs to minimize the number of people at our facilities 
    • –  Closing facilities throughout the day for thorough cleanings 
    • –  Offering programming outside

To date, while we have had a few reports through contract tracing of a member or participant having COVID-19 while using our facilities, these few numbers are outweighed by the number of visits we have had in the same period. This shows that YMCAs have been, and continue to be, safe. 

As always, no other organization can impact as many, as powerfully, as the Y does every day. For more information on the Y, please email its Director of Marketing, Rosemary Linder Day, at RosemaryL@Lhymca.com. 

About the Y 

Driven by its founding mission, the Y has served as a leading nonprofit committed to strengthening community for more than 175 years. The Y empowers everyone, no matter who they are or where they’re from, by ensuring access to resources, relationships and opportunities for all to learn, grow and thrive. By bringing together people from different backgrounds, perspectives and generations, the Y’s goal is to improve overall health and well-being, ignite youth empowerment and demonstrate the importance of connections in and across 10,000 communities nationwide. ******* 


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