Your 2nd Look Takes A 2nd Look, At Your Radiology Study

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Here’s a shocker: Up to 30% of radiology reports may not be correct or complete. Crunched for time, or lacking advanced sub-specialty radiology training, your radiologist may have misread your MRI, CT or PET scan, Cardiology CTA, mammogram, x-ray or ultrasound.


So, you might not need that surgery after all. Or that drug.  Or that injection.

Serious stuff, right?

Wouldn’t another pair of professional eyes give peace of mind? But too often we don’t get second opinions. We don’t know whom to ask. Or we simply don’t want to second guess our doctors.

  Your 2nd Look Takes A 2nd Look, At Your Radiology Study

This new web-based service, Your 2nd Look, makes it easy for patients to get another pair of professional eyes on radiology studies.

Patients simply upload images to the website (your imaging center has to provide them upon request), and a radiologist will send a comprehensive report back within 48 hours. No computer? You can send your CD to Your 2nd Look and they will upload it for you, return it to you and pay your postage.

Your 2nd Look radiologists view the same images but never see the first report. So your images are studied with fresh eyes.

Your 2nd Look’s radiologists are chosen because of their many honors; some graduated AOA (Alpha Omega Alpha) at the top of their medical school class. Knowledge and experience matter in radiology just as much as in other fields of medicine, and Your 2nd Look assures you that you will have the best. 

Fees, which are not covered by insurance, are $69 – $249 depending on the type of study. Your 2nd Look offers military, veteran, clergy, senior (and all immediate family members) discounts, and is negotiating with membership-based organizations and retailers for group deals.

One of the founders of Your 2nd Look shares a personal story. His 89-year old mom had had a series of strokes and the ER doctor, looking at her CT scan, thought there was no hope and did not see the value of giving her a clot-busting injection.  The son insisted on the injection and had a highly trained neuro radiologist read the CT scan. The second radiologist disagreed with the ER physician. It was a complicated case with the strokes located at the base of the brain, and this neuro radiologist spent the time to go through all the scenarios. It’s just sometimes not the way an 89 year old woman is handled in an ER room with all the pressures of the moment.  Well his mom recovered and lived a wonderful four more years with her son and her family. So for that family the use of a second radiologist (albeit a very highly trained neuro radiologist) saved a wonderful life for his family. 

As with other areas of medicine it is usually advised that the patient try to get a 2nd opinion. Certainly for cases involving surgery or major treatments and, now, radiology. Is it not worth peace of mine for a family faced with serious medical decisions? Be an advocate and always consider all of your options for yourself and for your family.

For more information visit the company’s website at or email or call 833-226-3566. 

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