5 Ways to Make the Most of Tech Gifts


(Family Features) No matter the occasion – holidays, birthdays or promotions – technology gifts are always on the top of wish lists. With today’s devices spanning a wide range of price points and features, selecting the right item is just the beginning. When buying a tech gift, there are several things to keep in mind.

Ensure your intended gets maximum enjoyment from your tech gift with these tips.

    1. Features and functions. It can be tempting to buy the latest model with a plethora of fancy functions, but if the person you’re buying for won’t use them, you may be better off saving money on a version with a lighter feature package. Remember, too, that for those with little tech experience, the excess can be overwhelming. Your best bet: shop for the features you need, but don’t over-reach.


    1. Support and guidance. Who doesn’t want a tech hero waiting in the wings to answer questions, help with set up and solve problems? With so many tech gadgets connecting via apps through your smartphone, you may be surprised to learn that your wireless company offers comprehensive tech support from Asurion. Tech experts are available via chat, phone and email to provide help across any device or platform. They can help with things such as troubleshooting a specific operating system or connecting devices to a digital home network.


    1. Power source. Even devices with superior battery life run out of juice eventually. Help extend the usability of your tech gift by supplying extra batteries or a charging plug if they aren’t included in the original packaging. Or consider a car charging system to help restore battery life on the go.


    1. Add-on accessories. The market for tech devices is far and wide with options that simply add some bling to more practical choices that help protect devices from damage. Most devices don’t truly require many additional accessories, but covers and cases that help protect devices against dropping are a smart investment. Other smart bets are accessories that will enhance the product’s use, such as a pair of quality headphones.


  1. Smartphone protection. An insurance plan helps protect your purchase from loss, theft and accidental damage, ensuring it can be enjoyed longer. Research your options before shopping, and be sure to thoroughly explore the coverage plans; typically only your wireless carrier offers comprehensive coverage for both loss and theft. Other third party products usually only cover accidental damage and may have other restrictions to limit coverage.

Asurion partners with the leading wireless carriers so shoppers can easily add premier support and protection when shopping for technology gifts for friends and family. Learn more at asurion.com.

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