A Congratulations Message from Lincoln Park’s Mayor David Runfeldt

We are all aware of many things that have changed since restrictions have been placed on our lives due to the coronavirus.  Some of the greatest changes affected a segment of our population that happily was not greatly infected by the disease.  Our children have had to make changes to the way they attend school and the way they learn.  Personal interaction with teachers, friends and extended family has been limited.  They have missed entire sports seasons, class trips, dances and proms.  The pomp and circumstance of graduation has been cancelled this year.  Graduations are an important celebration for not only the student, but the family, friends and teachers who helped the student complete this part of their education and prepare for the next part of their life.

Congratulations to all Lincoln Park residents who have graduated from college and grad schools this year.  Your community is proud of your accomplishment and we hope that as you move into your chosen profession you consider continuing to make Lincoln Park your home.  For those of you who move to different locales, we wish you the best of good fortune and hope that you have warm memories of your home town.

In an attempt to give the recognition deserved to our graduating students from Lincoln Park, I would like to publicly mention the members of the various Classes of 2020 at the time they should have been celebrating in public.

We have many High School and 8th grade students who will be graduating in the coming weeks.  This week would have included graduation ceremonies for the Class of 2020 of DePaul and Morris Catholic High Schools.  

Congratulations to the following Lincoln Park residents who are 2020 Graduates from those schools: 

                           Alexa LoMonaco and Mikey Ramundo

                            Erin Benson, Lexi Elefante and Lauren Shirkey

Congratulations graduates!  The entire community wishes you continued success in furthering your education and your life endeavors.  These are certainly difficult and trying times.  We are hopeful that you play a part in making this a better world for us and for future generations. 

Good Luck and God Bless.

Mayor David Runfeldt

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