A moment in time.

A moment in time.

We don’t often get this anymore.

A moment when you can genuinely relax

Feel aware of your surroundings

Be thankful for the things and people who make up your life.

Well I can recommend the place and time to do just that!


Get a haircut at Michael’s Hair Stylist in Denville, 16 Broadway Ave.


Wow…just sit in the chair and the world slows down.

YOUR world is influenced by the gentle conversation with Michael

There is NO news on the big screen TV, just soccer.

The real deal, from Europe.

Conversation is about family, and life from Michael’s 80 years of experience.

YOU are taken away and can really enjoy this time.

Never are you rushed out for the next in line, this is YOUR time!

Wow, who does that anymore?

It is finished with a treat; hot foam and a razor glide over your neck.

This experience is a great time to forget the craziness we all are living in.

Don’t delay…don’t miss out…this is the real deal.

Michael DeBiasse….happy patron

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