Animal Response trailer 

Animals in distress during a disaster will now have the assistance of the Passaic County Animal Response Team trailer. Officials recently cut the ribbon on the state-of-the-art mobile shelter that is fully stocked with emergency supplies and equipment to provide relief to pets during a disaster or other emergency.

The American Kennel Club Pet Disaster Relief Trailer, funded by The Kennel Club of Philadelphia ​and other entities, includes items such as crates, cleaning materials, a generator, litter boxes, and other pet care supplies. 

“Pets are an integral part of our community. It was important to us that we secured a facility that could shelter and provide emergency services to our pet community in the event of a natural disaster,” stated Passaic County Freeholder Director Sandi Lazzara. 

We saw how many people were not able to evacuate their pets during Hurricane Sandy, and some stayed behind as they did not want to abandon their pets, because it was like leaving behind a part of their family. This trailer now allows officials to provide relief and keep the pet community safe. The plan isn’t to keep the animals in the trailer, but to get them out of harm’s way and to a temporary shelter where they can be reunited with their owners. The trailer is equipped with a camera, and each animal will have its picture taken for easy identification. 


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