Annual New Jersey Flute Choir Day to be held at Caldwell University April 3 

The annual New Jersey Flute Choir Day will be held Sunday, April 3 at Caldwell University.


The program is open to elementary, junior high, high school, college students, and adults who play the flute and would like to take part in playing ensemble works scored for piccolo, C flute, alto and bass flutes, and the contrabass flute.


All applicants are accepted for participation in the program. Applicants are placed in groups according to age, playing experience and/or audition. Groups rehearse in classes with their level throughout the day except when all classes come together to rehearse the Finale. All classes perform together in the concert.


Music for each level will be emailed to participants after they  register so that they may practice the music to be ready to rehearse on April 3. Music consists of the pieces for the musician’s level as well as the pieces that everyone will play together for the finale.


“We are excited to be hosting Flute Choir Day after having to cancel it the last two years. Flute Choir Day is one of my favorite days of the year! I hope you can join us,” said Caldwell Univesity Professor Rebecca Vega.


The schedule is as follows:

8:30 a.m. – Warm-up


9:30 a.m. – Regular classes bing


Noon – Lunch in the University cafeteria


1 to 3 p.m.  -Afternoon classes


4 p.m. – Concert


The fee after March 1 is $90.00.  For details on how to sign up go to


Each student receives two tickets for the concert as part of their application fee. If more tickets are requested, it is $10 per ticket.


The day is sponsored by Caldwell University and the Carter-Glennon Arts Center and Nature Preserve.


Flute Choir Day directors are Patty Lazzara and Jenny Cline. For further information contact  Patty and Jenny at

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