Author To Secure About Book, Supreme Court History

Morristown National Historical Park will partner with the Harrington Park Historical Society as it welcomes back Dr. Jude Pfister for a lecture on May 7.
The talk will be held at 7:30 p.m. in the Harrington Park Library.

The topic of the talk will be Dr. Pfister’s new book, “The Creation of American Law, John Jay, Oliver Ellsworth and the 1790s Supreme Court” The book is scheduled for publication late summer 2018.

According to the publisher’s web site, the “book serves as a history of America’s national law with a look at those — such as John Jay (the first Chief), James Iredell, Bushrod Washington and James Wilson—who set in motion not only the new Supreme Court, but also the new federal judiciary. These founders displayed great dexterity in maneuvering through the fraught political landscape of the 1790s.”

Dr. Pfister is the Chief of Cultural Resources at Morristown. The book was inspired by, and heavily influenced by, Morristown NHP’s unique Lloyd W. Smith rare book and manuscript collection. All proceeds from the sale of the book benefit the Washington Association of New Jersey’s education fund. The WANJ is the official Friends Group of Morristown NHP.

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