Bloomingdale author’s new meditation book for children envelops them in loving light

By Jillian Risberg 


It’s her personal gift to children — Love & Light Meditation is Carol Ann Lacina’s young reader meditation, a simple means to center on the loving light all around them and share that healing love with the world.


“I want to help them understand how strong and powerful they are, stand up for themselves in a loving way,” the author says of being a conduit of this light and love. 


Ignore the negativity and distance yourself from drama. Ensure you have a supportive system. 


She also recommends the curative effect of nature, taking a dip in the ocean, and hugging a tree.

In these trying times, she hopes readers are enveloped with loving kindness. 

“Change the world by loving ourselves first, then others,” the author says when we focus on gratitude it shifts our energy to send us more.


She cherishes children’s light of love — to talk to them, listen to what they have to say, and answer questions they may have, guide them to remember the love.


Lacina says the children seem to love those exchanges and they leave hugging.

“My nephew and other children I’ve cared for have opened up to me,” she says. “Wisdom is a great word I didn’t understand years ago. If we are compassionate, kind, caring and loving — we have it made, right.”

The author finds inspiration… in children when she sees them run in the ocean laughing, delighted they can be happy and free.

Her own children; Danielle, Cassie and son Jay inspire her with who they’ve become and  their abundant happiness, after everything they’ve been through.  

“And the love, compassion and caring they have in their hearts,” says Lacina.


She’s inspired when connecting with teenagers and parents about her book, (‘I forget I am an author’) and they say they love it. 

“This inspires me to know I am hopefully in some way making a difference to even one child, one person,” she says.  

Serving inspires her because many are suffering and struggling.  Lacina says we serve each day with a kind word or saying hello to a stranger on the street.  


And she reaches for the works of: Author Anthony William, James Van Praugh, “Invisible Acts of Power” (Caroline Myss); “The Hidden Messages in Water” (Dr. Masaru Emoto); “Sara” Series (Esther and Jerry Hicks). 


The author calls herself an empath. “I love to make the road easier for anyone I can, especially family.”

We all crave connection…  more than ever before. 


And Lacina is a Reiki practitioner, who instills chi and prana into the body for healing. 


“We are all energy, and can shift that energy within, clear blockages,” she says of the healing technique and her book’s meditation, that harnesses light from the earth, children’s hearts, and illuminates others with it too.

The  author can relate, she says meditation balanced her when she was young. 


She sat solo in her room to get away from the craziness at home — light candles, breathe, pray… and got more into meditation and yoga 15 years ago. 

“Deep breathing calms your mind and nervous system,” says Lacina. “If we familiarize children with the information in my book, it reminds them of the love around them and if they need more.”

They can tap into her meditation for solace. The author says when children learn this at a young age they are equipped anytime they feel sad, hurt, unloved or stressed.

“It will stay with them as they grow through life,” she says it will also teach compassion, empathy, to care about one another.  


According to Lacina, it’s a spiritual experience when she writes.


The author found a real release, penning her first journal at seven-years-old; then, again in college and dating her future husband — as well as poems (some about love, some about being hurt).  


She has more books in the pike, including divine spirits (Lacina loves and believes in them.)


“I wrote a book about an angel that visits a little girl afraid to go to sleep because of the dark; the angel comforts her of course,” the author says she would love to write more children’s (including a series of animal) books — to educate them to respect creatures, and never kill or poach them.


She would also love to reach high school kids (many are in emotional pain) through motivational speaking in schools — starting with the basis of her book.  


One out of seven teenagers have thought of suicide, according to Lacina. The CDC saw an alarming spike among 12–17 aged girls from February to March 2021; and social media is problematic. 


“This concerns me, and makes me realize they need help and connection too. I would love to help in any way I can,” the author says.  

The process of writing her first book: “Love and Light Meditation” was thrilling. 

“I had no idea what to expect. This focused on something happy and positive, so it was a joy to create,” says Lacina, who always dreamed of being an author. “Keeping in that place, in that space, no matter what was going on was a happy time for me.”


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