Boy Scouts Experience Adventure Of Lifetime During Summer Trip

Nine Boy Scouts of The High Adventure Crew from Troop 139 experienced an adventure of a lifetime at Philmont Scout Ranch in Cimarron, New Mexico June 28 to July 9. They backpacked in the Rocky Mountains for 90 miles, 11,600 feet in elevation over twelve days?
They tackled miles of steep, rocky slopes through canyons and over scorching desert plains and braved blustery mountain ridges at a peak altitude over more than two miles above sea level. They hiked through extreme weather conditions where it was sometimes cold, rainy, and humid, and other times hot, dry, and incredibly sunny. The temperature at night frequently dropped below 40 degrees, but during the day, the mercury soared to nearly 90 degrees in the open fields.
The crew was prepared for each challenge they faced, as they engaged in training, conditioning and building their teamwork and leadership skills during the last nine months.
When they weren’t lugging their backpacks up and down the mountainside, they were either resting in a campsite or participating in various programs within the 225,000 acre ranch. Some of these activities included spar pole climbing, which involves climbing a 30-foot-tall limbed tree using a thick belt and foot spikes; panning for gold, rock climbing, shotgun shooting, burro racing and horseback riding.
The scouts also soaked in the spectacular panoramic views along the way, and celebrated July 4th at the top of a mesa, which had 360-degree view of the entirety of Philmont Scout Ranch. The evening visibility stretched more than 60 miles, as they watched the sun set to the west over Baldy Mountain while witnessing thunderstorms rage over Colorado to the north, giving them an unforgettable display of natural fireworks.
In the end, the entire crew had a very rewarding experience which resulted in lasting friendships and lifelong memories.

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