Butler Tri-Boro Animal Welfare/Adoption Center: Matching Humans and Pets Together 

By Dawn M. Chiossi 

Since 1974, Butler’s Tri-Boro Animal Welfare and Adoption Center has adhered to the belief that happy is the family that makes room for a pet. Often, they can be considered the very heartbeat of the family. 

“We save our animals from all over the country, mostly from southern states,” explains Tri-Boro Animal Welfare President, Jamie Faber. “Our organization does allow for out of state adoptions, so we have adopters coming from various states to adopt from us.” 

Located at 12 Belleview Avenue in Butler, sharing the building with Butler’s DPW, this organization has been operating as a non-profit since 1980,serving the town of Butler and surrounding areas for over 30 years. 

“The Tri-Boro Animal Welfare as we know it today was formed in 2011 when Kinnelon separated us in order to provide for each neighboring community,” Faber tells. 

While not much is known about the history of the shelter or its founder, for Faber, being part of it is truly a passion. “I have loved animals since I was a child and I wanted to get involved with shelter animals to learn more about helping homeless dogs and cats.” 

Beginning volunteering at Tri-Boro in January of 2014, she took over as president in October of 2018. “I also run the volunteer dog foster program and foster dogs in my home,” Faber adds. 

More than just a stop for unwanted dogs and cats, Butler’s Tri-Boro Animal Welfare and Adoption Center’s mission is to make sure that their animals are placed in the right hands and home– for a family that will consider them its heartbeat. 

Going above and beyond, the caring and compassionate volunteers that run the center make sure that it is more than just a revolving door for every animal that stays within its walls. 

“Because of our small size, our animals get a lot of attention and our volunteers are really able to get to know each animal’s personalities as they get a lot of one on one time with them,” Faber enthuses. 

Knowing that not every dog and cat can be rubber-stamped as the same, Tri-Boro seeks to match the perfect pet to the perfect human. “All potential adopters are first screened by their adoption process. Anyone who is interested in any of our adoptable animals has to first complete the online application,” Faber explains. “An animals’ personality, energy level, age, history (if known), medical needs, etc. are then taken into consideration when deciding if a potential adopter is the right fit. If our dog/cat manager thinks that the applicant could be a good fit for the animal in which they applied for, they will then schedule a meet and greet. All members of the household must be present for this in order to evaluate interactions between all of the people and the animal.” 

Faber goes on to say, “Veterinarian references and landlord checks are completed as well, to ensure that the applicant cares for any existing pets and that applicants are allowed to have animals in their home. If all goes well, then the applicant is approved to take the animal home once the adoption fee is paid.” 

Tri-Boro is so invested in finding the right adopter for their animals, that they keep everyone in mind regarding potential adoptions. “Just because an applicant is not approved for the animal in which they applied for, does not mean that we won’t adopt what we feel could be a more compatible pet for them at another time,” Faber asserts. 

To date, this year Tri-Boro has set a record high for animal adoptions: 204 dog adoptions and 107 cat adoptions. 

Ever proud of the close-knit community that they have built, giving back to animals in need, and building up their foster base so that these animals can eventually become the heartbeat of a family, the Tri-Boro Animal Welfare Center is open on Sundays from 11:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. (unless they are hosting an adoption event at a different location).  

For further information or details please visit https://www.tbaw.org/and visit their Facebook and Instagram pages. 

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