Centenary University’s Sports Management Class To Raise Funds For Various Charities

Professor David Perricone’s freshmen Academic Foundations Course (AFC) titled “Introduction to Sports Management” is set to host two fundraising events before the Fall 2016 semester comes to a close.

The final project challenges students to use the marketing strategies and business skills they have learned throughout the semester to plan and facilitate events open to the Centenary University campus, as well as the local community.

As a class, the students were split into two committees and two foundations. Team Eric LeGrand of the Christopher and Dana Reeve Foundation and The Congenital Heart Defect Coalition (CHD) will benefit from these events.

Professor Perricone’s students will host a “Battle of the AFC Classes” from 9 p.m. – 11 p.m. on Mon., Dec.5, in the John M. Reeves Student Recreation
Center that will benefit Team LeGrand of the Christopher and Dave Reeve Foundation. Participating classes will play against one another in handball, four square, basketball, a three-point competition and various other activities.

The second event is set to be held from 7 p.m. to 11:30 p.m. on Thurs., Dec. 8, in the John M. Reeves Student Recreation Center. It will be a 3v3 basketball tournament called “Shots for Izzy.” The funds raised from the tournament will be donated to CHD in honor of Isabella Sanabria. Isabella is team leader Nicholas LaDolcetta’s neighbor who was diagnosed with heart disease when she was born.

“I have been to every charity event and walkathon put together for Isabella and many other children around the world,” says LaDolcetta. “I feel this event will be a great experience and should bring people together to have a great time for a good cause. The money will be going to the charity to help her, as well as other children.”

All admission fees will go directly to the respective causes. Registration for the “Battle of the AFC Classes” costs $2 per student if signed up in advance, or $3 at the door. Each team requires five to seven people, and while classes are encouraged to attend as groups, all teammates do not have to be in the same class. For “Shots for Izzy,” each team can register for $12, or can sign up individually for $4 for each single walk-on player.

David Perricone, Assistant Professor of Sports Management at Centenary University, knows that the outcome of his class’s assignment resonates beyond the classroom walls. “I am very pleased that my students will be making contributions to such worthy organizations”, he says. “This event-planning project gives the students an opportunity to get hands-on experience in the field while bringing the community together for great causes. It’s truly a winning situation for all involved.”

For more information, please call (908) 852-1400, ext. 2357.

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