Chester Man’s Hot Dog Cart Brings Locals Back to the Past

By: Megan Roche


For Jay Glassberg, there is nothing like the sights, sounds, and smells of a ballpark. It goes back to his childhood, growing up in Brooklyn, spending his days at Shea Stadium. 


“I always had a dream of having a hot dog cart. Being a kid and growing up in Brooklyn, going to Shea Stadium, going to Coney Island, you’d always see the guys yelling out ‘hot dog, hot dog here!’ in the white uniform with the little sailor hat. You’d get a hot dog and it always tasted better at the ballpark,” Glassberg said. 


Glassberg, a semi retired private chef, who has cooked for the NBC elite, former White House staff, and more, has returned to his childhood love of baseball and hot dogs, now the proud owner of Blast from the Past Hot Dogs. 


In addition to his love for regular hot dogs, Glassberg’s hot dog creations are more than just your typical hot dog on a bun. All the ingredients for the hot dogs are made locally with produce and meat from the Chester and Long Valley area. His hot dogs, a blend of 60% veal, 20% pork, and 20% grass fed beef, contain no hormones or chemicals and come from the Chester Meat Market. For Glassberg, it’s all about the nostalgia effect.  


“I wanted to take care of the community and feed the community something healthy. This is a healthy hot dog, but I wanted my cart to also help kids understand old school values. It’s all about bringing the kids some nostalgia about baseball and America’s pastime,” Glassberg says.


The baseball themed hot dog cart is covered in baseball memorabilia. A baseball glove with a ball sits right on top, there is a TV where there are old games being played, and of course, Glassberg is always happy to sing Take Me Out to the Ball Game.  


Specialty hot dogs are Glassberg’s number one. The creations that Glassberg designs are often not what you would expect from a hot dog. In the past, Glassberg has designed a July 4th Blast, a hot dog with bacon, Taylor ham, fried egg, on a hot dog topped with a white cheddar cheese sauce. He’s also created Italian hot dogs with peppers and onions, a protein hot dog that incorporated the use of tofu and many more. 


The hot dog cart carries not just reminders of baseball, but also the importance of family. Scott Hazelcorn, Glassberg’s nephew, loved all children and helping them learn about the world around them. Hazelcorn tragically lost his life at the age of 29 when he was killed in the September 11th terrorist attacks. Glassberg’s cart is a memorial to him.


“My nephew Scott, he had a thing for kids. He loved kids and was always nice to people. Kids loved him and gravitated towards him. Everything was always about the children and their happiness. The hot dog cart is dedicated to Scott,” Glassberg said.

Scott’s memory can be seen when reading Scott’s Haze Rules, which are located right on the cart itself. 


Overall, Glassberg hopes to expand his hot dog cart. With lofty goals of being critiqued by the Star Ledger, a write up featured in the New York Times, he’s set his sights high. However, this cart couldn’t be any more than a dream come true.


“I could have put out the best bagels or the best pizza or anything, but I loved hot dogs. It’s part of our national pastime. People are forgetting that this is a beautiful country and that we are lucky to live here. I want people to remember why they love America; Apple pie, hot dogs, and baseball,” Glassberg says. 


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