Chester Theater Hosting Auditions

Chester Theater Hosting Auditions


The Chester Theater Group plans to have auditions for Doubt. Performances are Sept. 11- 27 at Chester Theatre Group.

Sister Aloysius, the strict, traditionalist principal, learns from Sister James, an eager, young teacher, that Father Flynn, the more liberal parish priest, has met in private with the school’s first and only black student, who is new to the school. With moral certainty that Father Flynn has molested the boy, but without proof, she challenges the male-dominated hierarchy of the church to remove Father Flynn from the school. Their battle, complicated by the boy’s vulnerable position in his own family, finally casts doubt not only on the priest’s reputation and the motives of the church but on the fundamental integrity of the nun’s faith.

Audition information, cast breakdowns and audition sides are found at; or call 908-879-7304.


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