Continue To Brighten The Future By Sharing Positive Stories In 2017

By Cheryl Conway

With winter holidays behind us and the new year already here, many may have noticed some extra kindness with more and more people giving to charities, hosting dinners, providing meals and reaching out to those struggling or needing some help to get by.

These are the type of stories that New View Media Group welcomes as good news and kindness tend to spread and creates a chain reaction that may encourage others to pitch in by donating some time, money or items that they do not need or use.

New View Media Group, it’s that new view on news that tends to steer away from anything controversial and negative, such as last year’s political debates and election. The recent election, as contentious as it was, remains uneasy for many who question the next leadership; and if the other candidate would have won, that same uneasiness would have still been present.

As readers look back at 2016, and then forward to what lies ahead, we must not forget the importance of sticking to core values, good ethics and morals, and proper etiquette which can range from being kind to others; having respect for all people; being honest and giving to those who may be struggling.

Throughout the past year, the local community has been an outreach in so many ways to help others both near and far. Readers of the “Randolph News” were inundated with so many positive stories.  In Randolph, a local high school student advocated for Tourette Syndrome; cheerleaders created sanitary kits to children living in poverty stricken areas; RHS marching band performed on Today Show; RHS girls’ volleyball team hosted fundraiser for breast cancer research; local knit/crochet group delivered warm items to charity; Kiwanis Club held bowling fundraiser to support animal shelter; Boy Scouts repaired dog park obstacles; 5K held to support Randolph schools; RMS teens designed baseball gloves for disabled children; sophomore collected sports equipment for underprivileged children; township initiated pink recycling can sale to support breast cancer awareness; RHS girls’ basketball raised money for women’s shelter; chamber choir sang on national television.

The list of amazing stories that detail all of the wonderful actions prompted by the local community go on and on. For 2017, let’s continue to share in all of the good that surrounds us, big or small, near or far.

Send your press releases and story ideas to me at Hope happy holidays were had by all and may 2017 be bright, healthy and filled with all great things.

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