CORONAVIRUS – Just the facts:

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Steve Shah, Nature’s Pavilion Natural Food Market 


The Coronavirus is believed to have started in Wuhan, China. This is the same place where SARS was believed to have originated in humans, possibly passed on from animal called civet.  The Coronavirus is believed to have started from bats, passed on to an animal called pangolins which are widely used in China as medicine. Unlike other viruses recently discovered, this contagious virus is unusual because it can survive on dry surfaces for over 11 days.   Furthermore, it is highly contagious and can spread from up to 3 feet away.  

There is still a lot to learn about this virus, such as incubation period, mortality rate, etc.  But until vaccine is discovered, what can one do to help protect themselves? Since this virus attacks the respiratory system, it makes sense to protect your immune system and the throat area.  

Nature’s Pavilion has developed a protocol that we feel may be effective.  Since we have no way of testing it, its best to become aware of how these items work, to see if it is suitable for you or not.

For best results, we recommend a three step approach: 1st to protect your immune system and build it up, 2nd is to protect your environment and neutralize the air around you.  The 3rd thing is to help the body fight it if you may have been exposed. Of course wearing a mask is imperative. 

1).  To build the immune system, take approximately 3000mg of vitamin C (Ener-C packets or Vita-Therapy Hi-Bio C are ideal).  Also take Bio-Essence Int. Super Ultra Nutrition and Cold, Virus & Fly (CVF-24) formula in spray form, Elderberry, and Vita-Therapy OptiZinc 20 mg daily, as well as Astragalus and NAC to protect the lungs.  

2)  Use Bio-Essence Int. 5-Thieves oil in diffusers to neutralize and possibly kill the virus from the air.  (This blend was believed to be used during the Black Plague about a century ago). This oil can be used to rub on hands, on surfaces, and diffused in rooms. If you are going in public places, take a few drops of SpaEssentials ZEN oil in your hand and inhale.  This blend of oils goes deep into your lung passages (you will feel it in your lungs) and help neutralize the virus. 

3)  If you have been exposed, take extra CVF-24 (up to 4 dropperful every 20 minutes for about three hours, or up to 15 sprays every 20 minutes.  CVF-24 is going o be your most effective product for your immune system. Remember, if the virus is in the nose/throat area, you will get mild symptom and recover.  But you want to do everything possible to prevent it from going into your lungs. Use colloidal silver nasal sprays in your nose to eliminate the virus. Also take good quality Colloidal silver internally, along with extra NAC and Astragalus.  And make go see a doctor and follow their instructions.  

We feel that once we all are exposed to this virus, we will build antibodies to this virus.  As soon as this happens, we all will be protected, and the affect will not be as severe.

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