Council President Wraps Up This Year’s MOmentum

I would like to wish everyone a Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah and happy holidays as we end another year and look forward to 2018.
Hard to believe that another year as gone by so fast. 2018 will be my seventh year serving the people of Mt. Olive Township and your councilman and I thank you for the privilege to do so.

Working with Mayor Rob Greenbaum and his administration as well as Vice President of Council Alex Roman and fellow Council people, John Ferrante, Greg Stewart, Colleen Labow, John Mania and Daniel Amianda has been a pleasure and we feel we have made good decisions that had a positive effect on Mt Olive.
The township is such a great community. We may not have a downtown but Turkey Brook certainly hosts its share of events that bring people from all over town together. The recreation department holds many events from mud runs, the carnival to the food truck festival and many others that create that downtown experience that the residents enjoy.
The organizations in our township are great partners. Whether it is the large corporation or smaller mom and pop business, each support the community in different ways. Money is not the only way they help. They can provide volunteers for projects or help assist the Chamber and food pantry collect food for our residents in need. Also our inter faith organizations work together to help where they can and bring people together as they do each year when they host an interfaith service for all people of all beliefs and religions.
Our volunteers and police are second to none. I see the amount of calls that come in each day for our EMS and fire and it is amazing the job they do. The police department is top notch and does a great job as well as establishing programs like “Coffee with a Cop” to engage with residents.
Our schools have continually improved and offer amazing options for our children. The facilities are always upgrading. With the addition of the new football stadium facility it makes Mt Olive the envy of many other schools. The sports teams have had a great year. Congratulations to all the teams that have won titles and worked so hard.
Lastly, township employees really care about their job and the township. They are always looking for ways to make improvements and to serve the residents. There are many to thank and can’t mention them all but the most recent employee Claudia Tomasello our assistant business administrator had the idea of creating a “Holiday House” in Turkey Brook for the Kiwanis Club to use for pictures with Santa and also for other holidays. It has been huge success and with her vision and support of Dorsey and Semrau Law Firm, Hunkele Entities, and McGarry Electric that dream became a reality and many families have already stopped by for photos for Santa and help the Kiwanis raise money. You can stop by Saturday or Sunday thru Dec 24 from 10 a.m.-4 p.m. for your photo.

I am sure I missed something or someone, I apologize in advance. As we go forward into the unknown of 2018, one thing that is known is that as much as things will change the people, organizations, volunteers and employees of Mt. Olive Township will continue to support and keep the MOmentum going.

Joe Nicastro

Council President

Contact me anytime at 973-809-4784;;

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