Dining In The Dark Fundraiser Lets Participants Experience Blindness

Vision Loss Alliance of New Jersey, one of the state’s longest-serving nonprofits for adults with vision loss, is hosting its first Dining in the Dark, a unique fundraiser, on Oct. 16, from 6 p.m. to 9:30 p.m. at the Hyatt Regency hotel in Morristown. What makes it unique is the fact that diners will be wearing blindfolds.
“This will be a unique sensory experience that, on top of being fun, will give people with sight a glimpse of what having a meal is like for someone with severe vision loss,” Vision Loss Alliance Executive Director Kris Marino said. The nonprofit planned the event for October to coincide with Blindness Awareness Month and Eye Injury Prevention Month, Marino noted.
Proceeds will help support Vision Loss Alliance’s programs, which for nearly 75 years have empowered people living with severe vision loss, helping them regain their confidence and independence. Almost 200,000 adults in New Jersey live with total blindness or severe vision loss, yet there is a significant gap in services for older adults who become blind or vision impaired.
Vision Loss Alliance — the only comprehensive, nonresidential vision rehabilitation program for adults in New Jersey — helps fill that gap. Programs deliver substantial, measurable benefits, including fall and accident prevention, greater overall physical and mental health, and the use of tools, resources, and strategies to enrich lives and promote socialization.
Tickets for Dining in the Dark are $125, with tables of 10 available for $1,000. The evening includes a cocktail hour, gourmet dinner and brief awards program. Go to vlanj.org/dininginthedark to register and to learn about sponsorship opportunities. For questions, contact Vision Loss Alliance Development Director Jayson Daniels at (973) 627-0055, ext. 323 or jdaniels@vlanj.org.

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