Dorene Roche Sworn in As New Randolph Board of Education Member

By Steve Sears

Dorene Roche, a Randolph resident for 17 years, was recently sworn in as the newest member of the Randolph Board of Education.

“I always felt that Randolph has had a very high-quality school system,” says Roche. “The public, teachers and all the staff in our district really care about giving the best to all the students.”

Perfect proof of that is right in the Roche home. Two of Roche’s sons have graduated from Randolph High School and a third son is currently in his junior year at the school. 

“I am very excited to be on the BOE. I like to try and learn different things, so I am looking forward to learning more about the district,” she says. Roche was sworn in on November 18, 2019. “I was not sworn in at the BOE meeting but in the main office during the day,” she explains. “I had to meet with Ronald Conti, the President of the BOE, to go over things regarding the BOE. I also met with Ms. Jennifer Fano, Superintendent (of Schools) of Randolph, where she asked if I had any questions. They both made me feel very welcome. I then was sworn in. I feel very honored to be part of the BOE.”

Roche has been an advocate for Special Services in the district for over five years. It is very important to her that every student has the opportunity to have the best education that Randolph can offer. “If I can be any help to bridge the gap between the special education and mainstream education departments, it would mean a lot to me.”

In addition to her duties as a wife, mom, and BOE member, Roche has also been a dance teacher and choreographer for over 30 years. “I teach many different types of dance to adults, children and children with special needs,” says Roche, who is 55. She has also done a lot of volunteering in Randolph from class parent, PTOs (Parent Teacher Organization) and committees, and for sports programs. “For the last 5 years,” she adds, “I have served on the PAG (Parent Advisory Group) and have been the President of PEC (Parents of Exceptional Children), where I have been working with parents and the Special Services department by providing support and advocating for families with children of special needs. I help with communicating between parents and the Special Services department.”

Roche mentions that her fellow BOE members have welcomed her with open arms. “Just being involved in one meeting so far, I see that everyone on the BOE works very hard at doing the best for everyone in the school district. Randolph Township is a community that cares about each other and making Randolph a wonderful community where people want to live.”

Summing it up, she says, “I would hope to help uphold the quality that the BOE has established over the years.”

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