Download Magazines With Digital Computer Service At Mendham Twp. Library

By Dawn M. Chiossi

Download magazines for free courtesy from the folks at Mendham Township Library.  Recently changed from the name Zinio, the digital magazine service is now called RB Digital.
“It is definitely an easier name to remember,” jokes Mendham Library Director Stephanie Cotton.
Magazines are fun and light reading. People scan them in checkout lines, waiting for doctor’s appointments, or flip through them at the hair salon and are ideal to read on long flights or trips.
If someone is interested in an attention-grabbing story, or just a light fun article to peruse, magazines are ideal.
Now folks can take advantage of the vast selection of magazines just by accessing them through the internet.
With the RB Digital service, these are full color, digital magazines, and can be utilized for desktop reading, mobile streaming and mobile app download.
Cotton, who has been Mendham Township’s library director for 10 years, is happy and enthusiastic regarding the library events and the RB Digital service.
“It’s easy,” she claims. “It’s a nice way to get free magazines that usually will otherwise cost a lot. It’s great.”
And that’s a good point.
The program is a relatively recent one for the Mendham Township Library. According to Cotton, it has been around approximately three to four years.
When asked if she has ever used this service before, she answers a definite yes.
“It’s a great service,” she says.
The RB Digital service is definitely a hidden gem at the library.
“It’s hard to get the word out [about the program,]” Cotton remarks. “But those who use it, enjoy it.”
And there’s really no reason not to.
With this service, there are no holds, check out periods and no limits to the number of magazines checked out and downloaded.
People can even receive an instant notification for their favorite magazine, so that they will never miss an issue!
And people can take them on the go. Cotton points out the utter convenience of downloading magazines.
“All that’s needed is a library card and an app,” she tells. “Then you can access magazines from anywhere. You could be in your home, work, California, or even overseas.”
Additionally, with RB digital, the worry of losing or ruining a magazine is a non-issue.
The Mendham Township Library has a vast variety of magazines, something for every taste. There are approximately 100 magazines and range from those such as the “New Yorker,” to “Rolling Stone,” to “Newsweek” to ones such as “Better Homes and Gardens,” “GQ,” and everything in between.
For a complete list of magazines, visit the website today.
There’s even back issues of magazines offered with this program, so there’s no reason to ever miss an issue of a favorite ever again.
The RB digital computer service is part of the Library MAIN Consortium. So visit a library nearby to investigate.
When asked what she would like to see regarding the program, now and in the future, Cotton shares, “That we want to get the word out. This program is so beneficial that we want people to take advantage of it.”
Beyond books and computer resources, The Mendham Township Library has a myriad of great events, programs and activities for folks of all ages to enjoy; they are a veritable hub of community activity. It is located in the Brookside section of Mendham Township on the lower floor of the Municipal Building.
For further details, visit

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