East Hanover Police Department wins First-Responders Challenge… then shares prize with team representing Florham PD 

In the end, everybody won. 


While the team from East Hanover Police Department captured the East Hanover Funplex location’s First-Responders Challenge last night, members decided to share their prize with their competition, the team from Florham Park Police Department. As a result, rather than The Funplex hosting (entirely free-of-charge) a fundraising event to benefit the winning department’s charity of choice, it will host a combined event that will benefit charities selected by both competing departments.


“Lots of smiles, laughs, and great food last night, and all to benefit one great cause … which quickly turned into two!” said Funplex CEO, Brian Williams. “What could be better? These two local police departments – with family and friends cheering from the sidelines – cooked, raced, and sweated it out. Now, I can’t wait to watch both teams get together again during their joint fundraiser.” 


The First Responders Challenge was an extremely competitive – and really fun — evening of Go-Kart racing, Hyper-bowling, and a culminating, Jersey Shore boardwalk-style food cook-off.  Judges for the cook-off – which featured each team preparing a food item of its choice – were actress Rylee King; culinary expert Karen Fischer; and blogger Yully Hernandez.


The backdrop for the event was the Funplex’s all-new, $5 million boardwalk area. Themed as iconic Jersey shore, the boardwalk features two new indoor rides, “Reverse Time” and “Drop-N-Twist”. The upgraded entertainment space is the first location in the state to offer HyperBowling, an interactive set of bowling-related games designed around an innovative bumper system. In addition, there is a 6 lane VIP bowling suite, a reconfigured go-kart track, and a restaurant that offers a wide variety of food options.


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