Enjoy The Lake And Help Pull Water Chestnut

 Come on out for Free Kayaking and Canoeing on July 15. Bring life vests and experience beautiful Lake Musconetcong and a free luncheon. No experience necessary! Age preferably over 16. Join in to gently pull an invasive species, the Water Chestnut, from the water. A relaxing and enjoyable activity and fish afterwards! Everyone is invited and bring friends. RSVP at at ambassador@musconetcong.org! Please come to help preserve the lake!
For more, see: https://www.tapinto.net/…/water-chestnut-hand-pull-on-lake-… and http://www.musconetcong.org/detail.php?ID=handpull.

The Water Chestnut is extremely detrimental for aquatic wildlife and each seed pod can produce about 300 seeds over a course of time, whether it is within the same year or a couple of years afterwards. In 2008, the weed was first discovered in this lake in New Jersey and the following year, it took over a third of the lake!

Water chestnut grows to create a floating mat, depleting oxygen in the water for other aquatic life, making it very difficult to paddle and causing damage to boat motors. As you may already know, this species can also affect human and animal health, public drinking water, and recreational activities- impacting businesses in the area- so please do come.

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