Fall Blood Drive Exceeds Previous Year’s Donations with 94 Pints

Gabrielle Lim ’23


On Wednesday, November 17, 2021 Passaic Valley’s Future Medical Health Professionals Club held their annual Fall Blood Drive in the Farrell Gym, where volunteers had the opportunity to meet with medical technicians from the New York Blood Center to donate blood. With over 70 qualified applicants, PV exceeded last year’s total donations with 94 pints from students and staff members.

All participants were screened for eligibility to ensure the safety of those who wanted to donate blood. Students had to be over 16 years old with the consent of a parent in addition to other health-related requirements. The medical technicians from New York Blood Center asked questions and took a small blood sample via a finger stick prior to approving volunteers for donation.

Dr. Susanne Iobst, Advisor for the Future Medical Health Professionals Club, organizes the blood drive twice every school year. President Julia Hosri ‘22 and members Maram Adham ‘22, Tanye Lewis ‘25, Nikoleta Psarros ‘25, Brianna Caruth ‘25, Kayla Johnson ‘24, club Secretary Sema Koc ‘24, and many more encouraged students and staff to participate as donors.

Members of the Future Medical Health Professionals Club participated in both the recruitment process and assisted donors at the event. Weeks before the 2021 Fall Blood Drive, members of the club handed out applications, advertised the event, and encouraged others to participate. “Recruiting people was actually a lot of fun, I was able to educate classmates on where their blood was being donated, as well as meet new people and potential donors,” said Hosri ’22.

During the Blood Drive, club members assisted with signing in, passing out food to donors, and providing help where necessary. By supporting the Fall Blood Drive, members of the Future Medical Health Professionals Club became involved with their community and prepared for their future medical careers. “It was very exciting and educational, and I am very thankful to have been a part of such an important event,” said Hosri ’22. “I plan to become a registered nurse and hopefully further my education down the line.” Members of the club described the event as a great learning experience and a way to get involved in the medical field as a high school student. 

Passaic Valley holds this event twice a year to help give back to the community. Students and staff see these events as both opportunities for them to give back and a way to support those who need help. “Honestly, about 20 percent of eligible students wanted to participate which, to me, is really exciting and I think it reflects our Passaic Valley family strongly,” said Dr. Iobst. “I think we have a lot of students who want to do something constructive for the community.” Students who participate in Passaic Valley’s blood drives will receive a special cord indicating they are a donor during graduation.


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