Fifth Grade Netcong Elementary School Student Starts Her Own Business


As part of our Celebrate the Good News program, Mackenzie “Mackie” DeSande’s mother, Courtney Scarangello, shared with school principal, Dr. Kurt Ceresnak that her daughter Mackie started her own company, “Mackie’s Random Slime Shop.”


During the COVID-19 quarantine, Mackie became determined to start her own business. To do this successfully, Mackie learned about becoming an entrepreneur, created products, acquired investors, and with the help of her stepfather, William Scarangello, created a website and a social media presence. Mackie recently had the grand opening of her company and has already sold 13 jars of her homemade slime.


In an interview with district superintendent, Kathleen Walsh, and school principal, Kurt Ceresnak, Mackie shared that she was inspired to start her own slime shop after seeing other youtubers be successful with their slime shops and other online businesses. Because she loves slime and wanted to start a business, Mackie shared that she chose to put the two together because she likes to create things to make others happy.


Dr. Ceresnak purchased a jar of slime from Mackie that was hand delivered the same day. The slime was packaged neatly in a small red bag and included a business card, a small bag of borax with instructions on how to use the borax should the slime become too sticky, and a small box of nerds, Mackie’s favorite candy.


“I am extremely impressed with Mackie’s creativity and her initiative in coming up with an idea to start a business from the ground up and following through to delivering a product. I wish her nothing but success in this endeavor,” said Kathleen Walsh, superintendent.


You can find Mackie’s shop on line at and on Facebook and Instagram.

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