Five Ideas For A Great Party

Five Ideas For A Great Party

(NAPSI)—While text messaging, social media and e-mail are the primary forms of communication these days, technology can never replace quality time spent with family and friends. This summer, entertaining at home is on the rise. When hosting your next gathering, try these five tips for a fun and fabulous party:

• Decide on a theme: Is it a Backyard Barbecue, a Summer Fiesta, a Patriotic Party for Labor Day or a Lobster Bake? Whatever the occasion, you may want to look online for simple yet creative decoration ideas and then plan your food, music and table settings to match the theme.

• Make finger food: Set up mini-plates of hors d’oeuvres. Serving finger foods means you get to spend more time with your guests and less time in the kitchen. Check online for the best party appetizer recipes and try using locally sourced ingredients. No forks or spoons required.

• Get in on the fun: Hire a bartender so you’re not spending half your time behind the bar serving drinks. Or make sangria ahead of time so guests can serve themselves. Create cocktail names that go along with your theme. Mix and mingle.

• Play a game: Get the whole gang laughing with a group game. Try a hilarious new party game called Utter Nonsense where players take turns combining stereotypical accents with outrageous phrases to create sayings that are just plain ridiculous. Think of a grandma bragging about sexting or a redneck wondering if diarrhea is contagious. You don’t have to be good at accents and the combinations don’t need to make sense. In fact, players are encouraged to improvise and make the phrases their own. The game is available at Target stores nationwide and online at or

• Always leave ‘em laughing: Let the last memory of the evening be the best. You may even want to give out little parting presents, such as a favorite accent or phrase card from the game. It’s a fun memento that your friends or family will enjoy.

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