Florham Park’s Joelyn Hoferer Receives Cissy Laurey’s Award Nomination

For over 50 years, Joelyn Hoferer has generously given her time and talents as an active volunteer and is a champion of senior citizens and individuals in need.

In 1963, Joelyn volunteered to be a member of the Florham Park Memorial First Aid Squad. During her years at the squad, she dedicated numerous hours to helping residents in medical crisis at all hours of the day and night. She served as president of the squad four times—was the first woman president—and is still active through the auxiliary.

Joelyn is also an active member/volunteer with The Florham Park Senior Citizens Club, The Holy Family Rosary Society, the Florham Park Chapter of the AARP, and the Morristown Soup Kitchen, serving in leadership positions within all of those organizations.

She is the current President of the Florham Park AARP Chapter and immediate past Vice President. She has held various positions over the years with the Florham Park Senior Citizens Club, and currently chairs the “Seniors Helping Seniors” Committee, which raises money and provide supplemental funds for food and clothing to borough senior residents in need.

As a member of the Holy Family Rosary Society, Joelyn has been involved for over 30 years in coordinating the Holy Family Craft Show, an event that’s become a tradition, not only within Florham Park and in neighboring communities as well.

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