Former Morristown Resident Both Educates and Brings Joy to Others Via Videos

By Steve Sears

When you speak with 60-year-old, Herb Palmer Jr., you can tell he leads a pretty happy life, and he wishes the same for everybody else.

His being is filled with a lot of spirit, kindness, and an occasional twist of wit, and his Lobster Lab Media: Branding on a Budget videos, which now number over 225, are perfect proof.

Consider Vlog #159, which Palmer titles, “Soul Butterfly Healing Meditation,” the idea of which came to him in a dream, encouraging a 5-minute stroll among gorgeous flora and monarchs, all the while repeating the mantra, “I am loved; I am safe; all my needs are met. Thank you.” After viewing this video, no matter where you are or what’s happening during your day, you’re feeling anew.

“When you do a mantra like that, or meditation like that,” Palmer explains, “you’re accessing the subconscious mind. And that’s really what’s kind of running the show for everybody. People think, ‘It’s what I see, and the conscious mind.’ But really, if you have underlying thoughts that are in chaos, you’re not going to have the life that you want. So that’s what that does. It brings it to a calming subconscious level, and that’s where you can access the change through thought and emotion.”

And then there’s the fun stuff, like Vlog #199 and the “Jersey Shore Pizza Review,” where Palmer, now living in the Toms River area, heads to Brick to try pizza slices at four different pizzerias. He does the “foldy-thing,” bending the slice in half and munching, and he’s in heaven if the slice is firm enough not to do the “floppy-thing,” when the tip of the slice flops and, lots of times, drops cheese and sauce plate ward – or worse, according to Palmer. “When it does the ‘floppy-thing’ like that,” he says, “it flops onto your chin and you have a hard time eating it.” However, Palmer is lovingly fair a few moments later, taking and savoring his bites and saying, ‘It’s a good slice. Crispy, tasty, good cheese.” 

And it should be noted that Palmer is not a fan of a number rating for his tried slices, they’re either good or bad. All four of the visited pizzerias met his approval.

Palmer’s videos are of a great variety, and visiting his Lobster Lab Media YouTube page unveils them. You might get hungry, may have some fun, and even be educated about certain things. But there’s also the strong possibility you’ll be inspired.

Palmer is also an author, his most recent book The Lobster and the Chicken: A Fable for Adults in Search of Enlightenment. “It’s the journey that we all take through life,” he says of the story. “The lobster and chicken characters are really representing myself and one of my ex-girlfriends. As they travel through life, taxis with all their baggage and all of their stuff follow them. And then, as they meet the different characters in life and learn a lesson from that character, they leave some baggage and a taxi, and at the end they become fully human. It’s kind of like the journey through life that we’re all taking: meeting characters and learning lessons and giving lessons, journeying through life, hopefully being complete at the end.”

As for his videos and his selected topics, Palmer says, “I notice things. That’s just how my brain works. I’m always looking for how somebody is doing something or how they could do it better. Or, how do you get attention?” His Lobster Lab Media videos are doing just that. “I make some noise, get some attention, and make some good things happen along the way. That’s how I live my life.”

Palmer’s goal now is, in his words, to “do some movies with a message.” “I like to not only entertain, but also provide a message in a film. And that’s what I really want to do, is connect with the right people or studio or writers or whoever that get what I want to do. Co-collaborate with me so that I can work with them and then with my ideas. That’s what I’d love to do as a legacy: make some films that really have a big impact.”

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