Four Tips For A Safe Holiday Season

Four Tips For A Safe Holiday Season

(NAPSI)—Between picking up last-minute presents and visiting guests and family, don’t forget safety precautions around the home to avoid preventable accidents, especially with small children. As you decorate your home for the holidays, you may be unknowingly displaying household hazards for your young children. Children are curious and are constantly exploring, and often have a tendency to put items in their mouth. To avoid a potential accident in your home this holiday season, observe these four simple suggestions and keep your family safe from accidental ingestions and your days merry and bright.

1. Safe cleanup. Amid all the hustle and bustle of the holidays and all the prep work needed to get things ready, it’s good to remember to keep young children out of the laundry room. A recent study conducted by the American Cleaning Institute found that over half of parents (61 percent) are storing laundry packets in-sight or in-reach of children. These packets contain highly concentrated detergent and can cause serious injury or illness if exposed to the eyes or swallowed. To ensure that your little ones are safe, always store liquid laundry packets up high and away from children.

2. Be bright about lights. When setting up your decorative lighting this year, be sure to replace any string of lights that has worn, broken cords or loose connections. Children may be mesmerized by the holiday glow, which could lead to the accidental ingestion of a broken light. Always keep a close eye on your holiday lights throughout the season as some lights could break after you have done your initial holiday decorating.

3. Plant precautions. If you decorate with holiday plants, keep them where pets and children can’t reach. Poinsettias may not be as dangerous as some people believe but they can make an animal sick and cause a rash in humans. Mistletoe and holly, however, can be more dangerous than generally known, especially if ingested, so be sure to hang them out of sight and reach of small children and pets.

4. Keep ornaments on the tree. Decorating the tree is a holiday tradition that is enjoyed by many. Don’t forget to make sure the ornaments are fully intact and securely fastened to the tree. Ornaments can fall and break due to people brushing up against the tree or the tree limbs drooping over time. Be sure to keep a close eye on young children around the tree as these ornaments could be a hazard if handled incorrectly or swallowed.

Keep this advice in mind this holiday season and it can help make a safer, happier one for you and your loved ones. Happy Holidays! The American Cleaning Institute (ACI) urges parents and caregivers to keep their families safe from accidental ingestions this holiday season and re-evaluate their laundry routines. To learn more about ACI’s simple laundry safety steps, visit

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