Freeholders Award Distinguished Service Medals To Ten Morris County Veterans

The Morris County Freeholders presented Morris County Distinguished Military Service Medals to 10 veterans from across the county, honoring these men during Veterans’ Day week for their service to our country and their communities during and after their days in the military.


Honored at a special ceremony held during the county governing board meeting in Morristown were Joshua Marchal of Florham Park, Brian Francis McGuire of Washington Township, John Kessler of Randolph, Edward Hunter of Rockaway Township, Donald Seath of Wharton, Louis Golia of Rockaway, Jerry Napolitano and Richard Yobs of Denville, and father and son Jon Karl Hanna of Denville and Drew Elliott Hanna of Mine Hill.

“To all of our veterans, we have a simple, yet heartfelt message: Thank you, all of you, for your service to our country,’’ said Freeholder Director Kathy DeFillippo. “We want you to know that your example serves to inspire others who follow in your footsteps. Thank you for your service in peacetime and war, here in this nation and throughout the world.”

“Our veterans are our heroes because they have repeatedly triumphed over adversity. They know what it is like to stand guard in the chill of the night while others sleep. They understand the meaning of hardship; standing watch at freedom’s frontier far from loved ones. They have seen the horrors of conflicts and wars. Yet they endure, and it is this devotion to duty that gives us strength, and that inspires today’s young men and women to serve.’’

Each of the ten veterans at the event received the Morris County Distinguished Military Service Medal from the board of freeholders. The unique medal was designed by a special committee of county veterans, with some variations in medals and ribbons for various conflicts and military eras.




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