Get Informed On Vaping At Upcoming Presentation

A Master Class on Vaping is set for Feb. 13, at 7 p.m., at the Memorial Junior Middle School in Whippany.

The Morris Area Coalition for Education and Positive Choices is taking Morris County by storm with their initiatives to arm the community with facts and information in the fight against drug and alcohol abuse. The Coalition is a pro-active team comprised of elected officials, law enforcement, educational leaders, schools, and concerned citizens who are up to date on the latest crazes and abuses that are plaguing our children.

The most recent trend in teenage abuse now includes vaping and the use of e-cigarettes. Teens often do not consider how their current behaviors can impact their future health. The goal of the Coalition is prevention through education and informing the public of the dangers of these negative behaviors. Today, with social media, the drug and alcohol abuse problem and new ways of getting high have become a national crisis. What many people do not realize is that vaporizer pens are becoming the new way for drug users to not only get high but do it discreetly, right under the nose of police, parents and teachers. Vaping can pose many risks and kids, being as creative as they are, will often place synthetics and liquids in device cartridges and inhale substances which cannot be differentiated from nicotine, marijuana, or any other liquid. Worst of all, it could be a deadly concoction of toxic chemicals often obtained on the internet. These vapors can cause chronic bronchitis, compromise immune systems and wound healing, harm the brain and cause mouth and lung cell damage.

The Morris Area Coalition for Education & Positive Choices, in conjunction with the Hanover Township Police Department and the Morris County Sheriff and Prosecutor’s Offices, invites the public to attend this noteworthy session. This is the best opportunity to attend an outstanding, informative conversation with veritable facts that can change lives forever.

Speaking on behalf of the Hanover Township Substance Awareness Council (SAC), SAC Township Committeeman Liaison Ace Gallagher commended the Coalition for this timely and important program. “We applaud this initiative,” he noted, “and strongly urge parents, teachers, students, and health care professionals to attend.”

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