Grandview Elementary Student Wins Big At Tri-State Martial Arts Tournament

Isaac Rodriguez, a third grader at Grandview Elementary School in North Caldwell, won third place in forms in the Future Kick Youth Martial Arts competition.  
“Isaac is such a pleasure to have in class,” says Peaches Vizzio, instructor. “He is always eager to please.  He makes us all smile with his silliness.  I am so happy that his hard work is starting to come to fruition.”  
After competing in a few tournaments and coming home empty handed, Isaac was a little nervous about this competition.  He performed his traditional Kung-Fu form against more than 40 other competitors.  His division was made up of more than 48 nine year old beginner boys and girls from many different martial arts backgrounds including Korean Tae Kwon Do, Japanese Karate and Chinese Kung-Fu.  
Students from all over the tri-state area represented their styles in this tournament.  He placed third only to his friend, Raymond, who is also a Vizzio’s student and one other competitor.  
Vizzio’s Institute of Martial Arts brought fourteen competitors to compete in the Future Kick Youth Tournament.  All fourteen competitors performed well.

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