Hackettstown Man Seeking Archeological Answers

One man in Hackettstown came across a unique item as he was gardening. Bob Bodine was moving around a flowerpot and doing yard work. As he was smoothing out some dirt, a white object caught his eye. After examining it more closely, Bodine called for his wife to check out his find.


“Something white was just laying in the ground and I thought ‘what the heck is that?’ I looked closer and it really struck me that it was in the shape of an arrow. I picked it up out of the dirt and when I turned it over, it knocked my socks off,” Bodine said.  


What he thought was an arrowhead originally, Bodine thinks he has found a spearhead. The white object has very ornate carvings on it. There is an Indian woman that is carved out with much attention to detail.  He’s unsure of how long it has been on his property and he is desperately seeking answers. He’s talked with folks at the Hackettstown Library, local historical societies, and even a Centenary University professor. Someone even suggested contacting the Museum of Natural History. 


“This has been driving me crazy ever since I found it,” Bodine said. 


Bodine happily shows his find to anyone. He’s hoping that someone may be able to identify where it came from and what it exactly is. If you might be able to help answer some of his questions, please email joe@newviewmg.com

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