Hanover Committee To Get Artistic With Pumpkins

Some artists work with oils, watercolors, and charcoals…others use metals or clay. The medium of choice for the Hanover Township Committee’s creative expression? Squash. (Pumpkins, if you want to be more precise.)

For the fourth year in a row, Hanover’s governing body is locked in a spirited competition against one another that’s come to be known as the “Great Pumpkin Challenge Contest.” Here’s how it works: Each committeeman has been given a pumpkin to decorate to look like himself. Residents are invited to cast their votes for the best “alter ego” during the Recreation Department’s upcoming “Masquerade at Malapardis” spooktacular event on Saturday, Oct. 28 at Malapardis Park in Cedar Knolls, from 2 p.m. to 4 p.m. If weather is bad, the location will change to Memorial Junior School. The Committeeman who gets the largest number of votes for crafting the most hauntingly familiar, devilishly handsome version of himself wins the contest.

With Committeeman Coppola having won each of the three prior competitions in a perfect pumpkin trifecta, the pressure is on these days in the pumpkin patch. Witch way will this year’s voting go? Do the other governing body members stand even a ghost of a chance?

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