Heath Village Hosts Free Lifelong Learning Seminar

Heath Village Retirement Community invites the public to join the residents for a seminar on July 13, at 2 p.m. at Heath Village. The seminar will explain the value of lifelong learning and how one can utilize Centenary University as a resource to help them see life and retirement in a whole new way. It will feature Dr. David P. Haney, Centenary University PresidentLight refreshments will be served. 

Today’s retirees are living longer than ever and many of them are thinking about what retirement means for them and what they will do during this next phase of their life. Dr. Haney will discuss how taking the time to study or develop new ideas, skills or hobbies is good for one’s social, physical and mental well-being. He will also share information about programs available at Centenary University.  In addition, Dr. Haney will talk about his ideas for bringing together university students and area seniors.

“I have always been interested in the tremendous opportunities that intergenerational programs offer,” says Dr. Haney.  “They allow college age students and retirees to see life and retirement in a whole new way.”

This is a free event, but reservations are required. To register, please call Melissa Nichols at 908-684-5006.

Heath Village is a full-service retirement community in Washington Township, Morris County. For further information, please call 908-852-4801 or go to the website at www.heathvillage.com


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