He’s Back: Chris Golinski Proudly Rejoins Denville Town Council

By: Megan Roche


A familiar face once again graces the dais of the Denville Town Council. After a successful campaign, Ward 2 councilman Brian Bergen has departed and joined the NJ State Assembly. With a large void to fill, the current elected officials unanimously voted to bring back Chris Golinski to the council.


“I had thought about it in the back of my mind, and when Brian won, I asked my wife if she’d mind if I got back into being on the council and she didn’t. I tossed my name in the ring and it all came together,” Golinski said. 


Golinski attended the University of Virginia, where he earned a degree in physics. He also holds an MBA from Fairleigh Dickinson University. After moving to Denville in the 1980s after he was married, Golinski and his wife Darlene, who are high school sweethearts, became active volunteers in their new town. He has served as a Scout leader for over 20 years and enjoys kayaking and bike riding in his spare time. He is an active member of Saint Mary’s Parish, was the food chairman for the Saint Francis Fall Festival and has been involved in coordinating the annual Rockaway River clean up as well. 


Golinski first served on the council from 2010-2017. He spent much of his time advocating for the fire department, a service in town that he holds very near to his heart. While he isn’t a firefighter himself, he vows to work his hardest for those that save the lives of Denville’s residents every day.


“I really missed working with the fire department. Those guys work so hard and I want to be able to help them in any way possible. However, I’m not ready to go through all the training and waking up in the middle of the night to help them put out fires, but I am willing and able to help them with support from the council as much as possible,” Golinski said. 


Always positive, Golinski truly enjoys what the spirit and people of Denville bring to the table. He remarked about how the people of Denville truly make the Morris County municipality like one big family. 


“Denville has such a strong sense of pride and community. To stroll Downtown Denville and bump into so many friends and acquaintances is special. We have so many great people and volunteers in this town. We have so many good people in our town who are willing to help and do their part, it’s just about finding the right project for them,” Golinski said. 


There are many issues that face Denville, including flooding, overdevelopment, and downtown parking, but Golinski is looking forward to defending the rights of his constituents when it comes to the battle of affordable housing.


“I’m really concerned about protecting us from the ramifications of affordable housing. That’s the thing that I’m really concerned about, but I also think it’s important to have people who look at things in a balanced way. I want to keep us out of the court system, while we have the ability to control our own destiny,” Golinski said. 


After he finished his second term in 2017, he knew he wanted to be back. After two years, he’s looking forward to just getting back to his volunteer roots of truly helping as many people as he possibly can.


“I really want to just keep my energy up and still do my best for all my constituents and be as available as I can be,” Golinski said. 


Golinski will serve as liaison to the fire department, the library, Morris County School of Technology, and the Rockaway River watershed. The residents of Ward 2 can rest assured that he truly has their best interests at heart. 

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